Hi! I'm Chris...

... and these are my latest articles about the things I am learning and doing in the world of software development.

I've been looking for tools to help describe, setup and configure reproducible and portable development environments for a while now, but I have never fully taken the plunge. That's now changed after trying VS Code's Remote Containers and in this post I wanted to talk a bit about my motivation, how I got started, and what I think so far.

Bicep greatly simplifies the work of writing ARM templates and can be easily integrated into an Azure pipeline to automate the setup and configuration of your Azure infrastructure. This post describes how I integrated Bicep scripts into the Azure pipeline for my Next.js sample app to automate the infrastructure deployment of multiple environments.

Azure is not a popular choice for hosting a Next.js app, but it can be a good choice in certain situations. This post describes how I got a Next app up and running in Azure with app services, app insights, CDN and pipelines.