Chris Meagher

About me

I am a father, video game and film nerd, music lover, dedicated software developer, and some time world record holder.


I have worked as a web developer since I left Bournemouth University in 2004 with a BSc in Multimedia Communications. My work experience to date has largely been with content management and ecommerce systems based on the ASP.NET stack, and I have worked with a variety of different tools and technologies and in different roles - UI and server-side development, support and maintenance, and lead developer.

I have been fortunate to work on a range of small to large scale projects for small local and big global clients, and the talented teams of people and companies I have worked with have found recognition for their good work by winning various industry awards. I'm proud to have been involved in these projects and shared in their success, and I continue to be thankful for the opportunities presented to me to learn and grow in my chosen profession.

I currently work as a Senior Developer for Ridgeway, based in Witney, UK.

I love learning and improving my skills, and I am an avid reader of other developer's blogs and posts on Twitter. I have learned so much from others and am greatful for their thoughts and experience and their work. The work I do professionally is all closed source so I wanted to dedicate some of my own personal time to developing some open source projects to provide a creative outlet for myself, but also to see if I could contribute some of my own work for others to use.

My first open source project was a by-product of creating the first incarnation of this blog - a Kentico Kontent source plugin for Gridsome, and whilst it has by no means set the world on fire it has encouraged me that I can create and contribute something in the time I have where I'm not at work, or raising my daughter (or playing video games, watching films, seeing friends etc. though I don't think I'll be breaking any more world records - I think that was a one-off!). I have since released some further projects and hope to continue to release more over time.

I see this blog as another opportunity for me to create and contribute, and I will use it to write about things that interest me and hopefully interest and be of use to others - perhaps even you!